Thursday, April 26, 2007

Never let me go

I have vivid memories of reading Kazuo Ishiguro's The Remains of the Day on the top bunk during an overnight train ride. I was enthralled by the precise language and interestingly enough, I identified closely with the main character of Stevens, the English butler.

When I picked up Ishiguro's Never Let Me Go, I had the expectation that my reading experience would be similar (without the overnight train ride part). I was disappointed. The story starts out promising enough. The main character reflects on her time at Hailsham, a boarding school in England. However, the students at this school are different. They are bred and raised for a specific medical purpose. The time is specified as the late 1990s, so that adds a fun element of wondering if perhaps this is really going on right now. However, the main character never endeared herself to me and I found her cold and distant. And by the end of the novel, I really didn't care about what happened to her or to any of the other characters.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Welcome to my bookshelf.

I like to read. I wonder if you knew that.

I read paperback books because they don't hurt as much if I roll over them in bed.

I read because it makes me feel more connected to who I am. I like taking in new stories, new information, and new ways of thinking about life. I enjoy having a parallel story sitting in my head while I go about my day. I like reading something that changes how I look at myself and the world around me.

The purpose of this blog is to keep track of the books I have read and my thoughts on them. This blog will not be retroactive. Books described here are books that I have just finished. So welcome to my bookshelf. Enjoy.