Sunday, November 20, 2011

William & Catherine: Their Story by Andrew Morton

I felt kinda embarrassed that I read this and was debating about whether or not I should post about it.

Then I remembered that you all already know that I read all of Tori Spelling books, so what's the big deal about admitting that I spent a good chunk of time on the sofa reading about William and Catherine? They are quite a bit classier than Tori Spelling. (But, Tori, let me know when your next book is coming out...)

I didn't know much about William and Catherine, so this book provided some good information about their lives and upbringing. There are also lots of pictures. I'm not sure if this was an "official" biography- I thought it was because Morton also wrote a biography about Princess Diana...and if it was "official," I was surprised that Catherine wasn't written about in a more favorable light, especially when it came to her 20s. She apparently didn't really have any real career/job to speak of as she waited around to get engaged? Is that true? That's what this book reports.

Anyway, I did like reading this one, and if you want to know more about the royal couple, then check it out.

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Notorious MLE said...

I love that you blogged this book. I would totally read it.