Monday, August 24, 2015

Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen

Finally! Sarah Dessen has a new book out, and she breaks out of the formulaic storyline that was in her previous books.

Sydney is 16 years old, and her brother, Peyton, is serving time for driving drunk and paralyzing a boy in a car accident. She moves to a new school in order to break free from all of the baggage that comes with being Peyton's sister. She meets some new friends, and a new family that embraces her and gives her the gentle and compassionate care that she needs to find her way again. Plus, there is a pizza! (The family owns a pizza restaurant.)

If you haven't given Young Adult books a chance, I encourage you to read something by Sarah Dessen. Her characters have depth and I love the creative details she includes.

PS: This falls under "a book by a favorite author" for the Modern Mrs. Darcy Reading Challenge.

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