Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A Fatal Grace by Louise Penny

I can tell how much I like a book by whether or not I need to renew it. My library allows three-week check-outs, and if the book isn’t on hold, you can renew it for two more three-week periods. It’s rare that I renew a book twice. By that time, I’ve usually just given up on it. However, I kept this one around the house as I slowly read it over the period of n-i-n-e weeks.

A Fatal Grace revolves around the murder of the disliked CC Poitiers in the little village of Three Pines. No one likes CC but who would actually kill her? 

A Fatal Grace is the second in a series, and I really liked this first one. I like the village feel and some of the quirky characters. However, I didn’t like this second one as much as the first. Hence, the nine weeks of slowly reading through it.

Should I try the third? I’m not sure yet.

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