Saturday, November 27, 2010

Uncharted TerriTori by Tori Spelling

I'm a bit embarrassed to admit that I read this book.

And maybe a little bit more embarrassed to admit that I read it in a day.

Tori Spelling lives a lavish lifestyle, and is really busy with work and raising her children. But she surprised me. What surprised me is that she seems pretty aware and conscious of the choices that she makes and doesn't make.

She also endeared herself to me because she has a big heart for rescue dogs.

Some of this book is fluffy and weird (she talks about seeking answers from psychics), but she mostly deals with very human concerns (raising kids, her relationship with her mom, wanting to slow down).

I'm not recommending this book, but noting that I read it. It made me think of Tori Spelling as more of a human, rather than whatever stereotype I held of her, and I think that it's helpful whenever we can think of others with more kindness.

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