Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A Short List of Other Books

Along with those books I've recently reviewed on death, parenting, and cooking, I've finished a bunch of other books as well. I don't feel like writing separate posts on each of them, so here's a list with a two-sentence description of each.

 Spooky Little Girl by Laurie Notaro
Lucy Fisher dies and comes back as a ghost with unfinished business. The story starts slowly, but it picks up speed, and ends up being an original, delightful book. (Thanks for the recommendation, Rebecca!)

 Goodbye for Now by Laurie Frankel
What if you could still communicate with a dead loved one via video chat, emails, and texts? Would you want to?? Another original fiction plot, but a bit slow at the end. (Again, thanks for the recommendation, Rebecca!)

The All-Girl Filling Station's Last Reunion by Fannie Flagg  Mrs. Sookie Poole finds out that she is not who she has always thought she was. An entertaining story with two tales interwoven together, but I thought the ending could have been more gutsy and bold.

Survival Lessons by Alice Hoffman The author wanted a handbook to read when she was dealing with cancer, and so she wrote her own. A short gem of a book with little chapters on what really matters in life.
The Widow Waltz by Sally Kowlow Georgia Waltz is suddenly widowed at age 50 and finds out that her husband was leading a double life. A bit weird with SAT or GRE words randomly thrown about, this is not that great of a book, but interesting enough to be perfect for a plane ride or a lazy afternoon.

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