Monday, May 9, 2016

The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss

Boomer carries up the books that I'm reading to our room every night because he thinks it's his job. It's usually a stack ranging from two to seven books. One night, he didn't bring them up for some reason, and I asked, "Why didn't you bring up my books?" His answer? "Because I'm a loser." Harsh!

Anyway, Boomer was carrying this book in his bag for me when we went to the library to return it, and once he put it on the book return conveyor belt he said, "That's a load off!" Yes, this book has 900+ pages so it was a heavy one to carry around for the three weeks it took me to read it. Thanks to Boomer for carrying it upstairs for me every night.

I heard about it from one of Boomer's co-workers who apparently really likes very long books (the other book he recommended was about as long as well).

Classified under Science Fiction, this book has magic, a dragon, singing, and puzzles. I liked it enough, but I'm not quite ready to pick up Book Two in the series.

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