Thursday, July 21, 2016

Worms and Wormeries by Mike Woolnough

Boomer and I are now the proud employers of hundreds of red wiggler worms who, as I type, are acclimating to their new home in our garage. We hope that they will be up to the task of eating all of our kitchen scraps. We, as their employers, will give them room and board in exchange for their hard work.

Actually, I am just hoping that they survive the week and we can figure out how to take care them. Fingers crossed!

We attended a Composting Workshop given by our city and came home with tons of information about composting, and a pound of red wiggler worms! We built our own worm bin using stuff around our house (and my parents' house) and introduced them to the bin last night.

This book was very informative about how to create a worm bin and how to care for it. I think I will be referring back to it often until we get the hang of caring for them.

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