Monday, January 23, 2017

Guest Post - The World According to Star Wars by Cass Sunstein

I visit my local library once a week. I love my library. Check out this bag that my mom gave me for Christmas! Now I use it to tote all of my books to and from the library.

Sometimes when I'm browsing at the library, I see a book that I think Boomer might like. Boomer only goes to the library about twice a month. So I check out books for him. Sometimes he likes them, sometimes he doesn't.
Boomer is a big Star Wars fan, so I thought he might like The World According to Star Wars. You can find out below! Please welcome today's guest blogger, Boomer!

Boomer says: 
So The World According to Star Wars is a clever book about two things.

The first, quite delightfully, is about some of the back story of how the very first Star Wars movie (Episode 4 A New Hope) came to be, including tidbits like how it wasn't expected to be very popular, and how movie theaters had to be coerced into showing it.

The latter part of the book is sort of a treatise on the theological, sociological, political and cultural viewpoints espoused by the movie(s). These range from how Star Wars promotes a Jeffersonian view of how periodic rebellion against monolithic government to how Star Wars is a proponent of feminism but only when viewed against the culture of the respective movie release dates, to how the Force is George Lucas' representation of a Universalist religious theology and that all religions point to the same thing. 

Mr. Sunstein, as a Harvard professor and lecturer, is undoubtedly well-versed in these various topics and while the points are well made in terms of both humor and content, it's honestly a bit dry. I enjoyed the first few chapters of Star Wars trivia and history. And while the latter part of the book is well done...I would probably have been fine just skipping it.  Sorry, Cass.

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