Friday, May 20, 2011

Seven Years by Peter Stamm (translated from German by Michael Hofmann)

I had a day off recently and picked up an unread library book that was sitting at the bottom of my book pile. I thought, “If this book is good, I’m going to spend all day reading it.”

So I started it, it was good, and I did spend the whole day reading it (mixed in with some chores and a nap) and finished it in the evening.

Alexander is married to Sonia, a beautiful, smart classmate and fellow architect, but he can't shake his obsession with an old college flame, Ivona, who is plain, and non-descript. He doesn't understand his passion for Ivona, but he can't resist it.

An intriguing book (it held my attention all day), but I felt a bit off after I had finished it. I felt like I had been in a different world all day (which I kinda had). Plus reading about infidelity is quite disturbing. So yes, I couldn't put it down, but it probably would had been better for my brain if I had read it over a week rather than 12 hours.

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