Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Whole-Brain Child: 12 Revolutionary Strategies to Nurture Your Child's Developing Mind by Daniel J. Siegel and Tina Payne Bryson

I have books that I like to buy friends for wedding showers, and now that those friends are having kids, I have a set list of books that I buy for baby showers.

One book that I like to buy for couples about to marry is Taking Charge of Your Fertility. It's a wonderfully informative book about reproduction and includes everything you need to know in order to get pregnant or NOT get pregnant. It's amusing when I give this book as a wedding shower present because usually the gifts consist of Tupperware, baking pans, lingerie....and then this book gets unwrapped and there is nervous giggling all around by grown women. Hhehehe....fertility??? Hehhehehe. We can giggle about lingerie, but fertility??? Now that's just uncomfortable.

Anyway, one woman said to me, "It's funny that you've read a book about fertility, especially since you're not sure if you want children." Heavens to Betsy! Isn't that the BEST time to know about fertility??? Knowing how to NOT get pregnant can be just as important as knowing how to get pregnant depending on what you want.

Couples who I've given or recommended this book to have actually thanked me later on. One friend pulled me aside to tell me that she was expecting. She added, "And thanks for that book really helped." I said, "'re welcome!" Glad I could be of reproductive help!

Okay, so now I am invited to baby showers. And I'm gonna start giving this book along with the bundle of kid board books that I usually give.

It's about the brain. It's about how a child's brain develops, and how to help your child where their brain is at. It clearly and simply explains how different parts of the brain work and how to help a child use both sides (their emotional and logical brains) in order to make more sense of their world and relationships. It also includes a section at the end of each chapter that you can read to your child to help them understand more about what's going on in their brains. (It's drawn like a comic.)

Highly, highly recommended if you have kids, are thinking about having kids, work with kids, or just want an easy-to-read book to understand more about the brain.

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