Tuesday, June 11, 2013

This is Just to Say: Poems of Apology and Forgiveness by Joyce Sidman

I am doing research on Forgiveness. I did a search in my local library catalog, and this kid's book came up.

Mrs. Merz asks her class of sixth graders to write apology letters. These letters make up the first half of the book. Kyle writes an apology to Reuben for hitting him too hard during a dodge ball game. Jose writes an apology letter to his dad for breaking the garage window. Tenzin writes an apology poem to his deceased dog, Einstein, for having to euthanize him. This one, by far, is the saddest poem in the book.
Tenzin writes:
"...Is death ever right?
I don't know, but I hated having to choose it.
And I hate the quiet in our house
without you."

The second half of the book includes responses from the recipients of the apology letters. Some people stand in for those who can't write a letter back.
For example, the custodian, Mr. Johnson, writes back to Tenzin:
"...You were loving him, and he was loving you back.
That's how he went.
And that's how a dog should go."

This is a fiction book. It is touching and sweet.

I think I have some Apology letters to write. If only I could get some responses back.

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