Saturday, October 16, 2010

Rocky Road by Rose Kent

Sometimes I wander into the Children and Teen sections of the library. I think it's a shame that after we hit adulthood (whenever that is) that we forget that there is some great young adult and children books out there.

This book is by the same author as Kimchi and Calamari which I reviewed back in 2007. It's about Tess, her deaf brother, Jordan, and their mom who suddenly uproots them from Texas to move to New York. They don't have a lot of money, but Mom has tons of ideas about starting a new business: an ice cream shop. They move into a retirement home where lots of funny characters welcome them and help them out.

Lots of themes in this book: community, transition, and loss. Also, there's a mental health element in here as well as the mom has bipolar disorder and is reluctant to see a doctor and take medication.

A delightful read, just like the author's previous book. A fun weekend read.

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