Monday, September 23, 2013

Lost Cat: A True Story of Love, Desperation, and GPS Technology by Caroline Paul, illustrated by Wendy MacNaughton

"...I saw in her face all the hope and enthusiasm and future heartbreak of a new cat owner." --p. 159

Caroline Paul was in an accident, and spent much time at home recovering. Her two cats loved having her around all of the time, but then, one of them, Tibby goes missing. Caroline consults a psychic who believes that Tibby is being cared for. Caroline visits the local animal shelter to look for Tibby, and plasters the neighborhood with signs.

Six weeks later, Tibby finally returns but there's something different about him. He doesn't look like he's been lost on the streets for six weeks. In fact, he looks a bit more plump and now he walks with a swagger in his step. Furthermore, he stops eating the food that Caroline serves him.

Caroline wants to figure out where Tibby went and where he continues to go to eat. She fits him with a GPS tracker, and then a camera (there are some really cute photos included which show things from the perspective of a cat's collar, whiskers included!). She, with help from her girlfriend, Wendy, narrows down the area that Tibby frequents, and they finally figure out where he's been going.

This is a fun book. It has illustrations by Caroline's girlfriend which are also very fun. There's also sadness in here as well which is always true when we love a pet. However, if you like cats or pets and want something fun to read on a Sunday afternoon, I would recommend this to you.

Thanks for the recommendation, Rebecca! =D

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