Tuesday, January 13, 2015

My 2015 Reading Goals

The last couple of years have allowed me to read for fun more than any other time in my life. Well, in elementary school, I would crawl into my parents' bed with a stack of books and a box of crackers and read for hours on end so I guess I got a lot of reading done then (sorry for all of the cracker crumbs, parents!). So okay, elementary school aside, I've been reading way more in my 30s than I ever did in my 20s. I didn't have time to read for fun during my undergraduate years. Then there were a couple of years after college that I spent living overseas where I spent a lot of my free time just bicycling around trying to procure enough groceries to feed myself for the next week. When I had down time, I didn't have the capacity to concentrate on a book. Graduate school didn't allow for much time to read for fun. Now, with no more school or homework, there is time to read. That's one great thing about working - no homework!

All of that to say that I haven't really set any reading goals for myself over the last several years because I was just enjoying reading for fun again. However, this year, I am ready for a bit more structure in addition to just reading a ton of whatever I want. So I am going to do Modern Mrs. Darcy's Reading Challenge. It looks like fun. Take a look and see if you're interested too!

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