Monday, January 19, 2015

The Ten-Year Nap by Meg Wolitzer

I read Wolitzer's The Interestings back in December, and checked out The Ten-Year Nap when I returned The Interestings.

I was out on a walk with Boomer when I suddenly felt a leap of joy in my heart because I had just found a new author that I loved AND there are seven+ more books by her that I have not yet read! I stopped on the sidewalk and put my hand over my heart and told Boomer the reason for my joy. How lucky!! To add to that happiness, Boomer cooked us bacon and eggs for breakfast!

The Ten-Year Nap follows four New York friends who are all well-educated and who have, for various reasons, decided to stop working and be stay-at-home moms for the last decade. Once their kids are old enough to not really need them at home all of the time, they are left wondering who they are and what they should do now.

I love how accurately Wolitzer describes feelings, especially feelings of ennui. Some of the scenes she writes are so real that I can feel the tension, the wanting to cringe, the wanting to look away because of embarrassment.

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Rebecca said...

I recommend "The Wife"