Monday, September 5, 2016

The Gastronomy of Marriage by Michelle Maisto

Even though graduate school is now way behind me, I still look at back-to-school ads with such relief and relish. I am not in the market for a backpack! Or pens! Or binders! I will not be starting new classes this fall! Oh yah, and I don't have homework tonight.

I also think about how great it is to not be a student when I wander around the library just picking up whatever fun books I might want to try. A life without required reading has so much room for pleasure reading.

All this to say that I was just poking around the library when I came across The Gastronomy of Marriage.

This was such a sweet book. Maisto lives with her boyfriend in New York City. She tracks the progress of their relationship and their engagement. She also writes about the role that food and cooking plays in their relationship. 

I think she's right - food plays a not-insignificant role in a relationship. Who cooks? Who does the dishes? Who is trying to gain/lose weight? Who does the grocery shopping? Back in my dating days, I learned quite a bit of information about guys by the way they approached food, leftovers, eating in restaurants, and cooking. 

Maisto seems very amiable and friendly. I am curious if she has written more because I'd love to hear what she's up to now and more of her thoughts on food and marriage.

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