Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Fellowship of the Ring by J.R.R. Tolkien

Besides all of the other books I read, I am also usually slowly working my way through a Harry Potter book and a Lord of the Rings book. I don't read them for long periods of time, I just pick them up every once in awhile and read a chapter or so.

So just noting this re-read.

If you haven't read The Lord of the Rings trilogy, I encourage you to! The movies are excellent, but really...they are just a glimpse of the richness and depth of the books.

I'll tell you a secret: sometimes when I'm reading The Lord of the Rings, I read it out loud to myself. Or to my cats if they are around and awake. The language is that beautiful. Even my cats close their eyes and nod and purr approvingly.

I'll tell you another secret: there was a period of time when I included a chapter of The Lord of the Rings along with my daily spiritual ritual/readings as well. It just touches my heart and speaks to me, so I thought it was important to read it every day.

And those are all of my secrets. Ok, well, I have a few more, but I'll post those another day.

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