Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Year and Six Seconds: A Love Story by Isabel Gillies

A memoir about moving on and rebuilding a life after divorce.

Isabel moves from Ohio to New York with her two toddler boys after her husband leaves her for another woman. She writes about the struggles of single motherhood and living with her parents again. Within a year or so, she's engaged to another man.

Fairly readable, but also seemed implausible. She tries to make sense of what happened to her, and it seems like all it took was a 90-minute therapy session to move on. She seemed pretty desperate to have a normal family life again and to have a father for her boys, so I was unconvinced that she had really come to terms with her divorce and her part in the demise of the marriage. Just seemed like she wanted to get married again. She writes that she was ready....but just left me wondering about how real that really was.

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