Friday, October 21, 2011

Made for You and Me: Going West, Going Broke, Finding Home - A Memoir by Caitlin Shetterly

In 2008, Caitlin and her new husband set out from Maine to Los Angeles, California with big dreams of finding work and success. They are both artists - she's a writer/actress and he's a photographer. They drove across the country with their dog and aging cat in tow and settled in southern California. Then, they found out that they were expecting a baby. They were also hit hard, like many others, by the recession. Without work, their money running out, and with a brand-new baby, they end up moving back home.

I liked Caitlin, her husband, and their pets. (The baby isn't described so much, so I didn't really feel any sort of affinity for him.) I admired their courage to pursue their dreams and their commitment to each other and their family.

This book was thoughtfully written. It seemed like a brave book to write - to write about dashed dreams, disappointment, and loss. It's well-done, humble, and very readable.

Caution: One section of this book had me in tears, but I also have a big soft spot for animals.

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