Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Book of Mormon Girl: A Memoir of an American Faith by Joanna Brooks

I've been thinking about the Mormon religion for months now. First, there was that presidential candidate, Mitt Romney. Remember him? And then I read a book The New York Regional Mormon Singles Halloween Dance about a Mormon girl looking for love. Then, I saw the musical, The Book of Mormon, which required weeks of preparation as I listened to the soundtrack to familiarize myself with the music. And just this weekend, I read this book about a woman who grew up in the Mormon church, but then struggles with the stands the church takes on women and homosexuality.

The problem with having The Book of Mormon soundtrack pretty new in my mind, is that whenever I read in this book that Joanna tells someone, "I am a Mormon," I heard Elder Price singing that same line: "I am a Mormon....and a Mormon just believes!"

This book was just so-so for me. I learned a lot since there's a lot of church history included. I didn't really get a good sense of the author's personality so that kinda made it a bland book. Although some parts were interesting, I found myself wondering if I should even finish the book. I did, but maybe it was a more difficult/boring book to me because even though Mormonism has been on my mind over the last several months, it still has a lot of foreign stories and concepts to me, a non-Mormon.

Anyway, out of all of the Mormon things I've been thinking about, I would definitely recommend the musical, The Book of Mormon to you! It's really funny, touching, and well-done. (Oh yah, it's also by the creators of South Park, so it's offensive to everyone, so beware!)

PS: Thanks to Kjersti for this book recommendation!

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